DVD Safety Video: Tobacco Farm Worker Safety Videos (2 DVD Set, English/Spanish)

The Farm Labor Practices Group (FLPG) has compiled a set of videos as training resources to provide guidance for tobacco workers. These worker training videos are meant to provide farmers with easy to access and easy to use training materials for their workers. These videos are a collection of training materials on important health and safety topics that have been sourced from recognized third parties.

These videos are available in the form of a 2-DVD set, and include the following segments:

  • Tractor Safety
  • Field Sanitation
  • Fork Lift Safety
  • Green Tobacco Sickness
  • Heat stress
  • The Label is the Law (PPE)
  • Tobacco Baler Safety
  • Tobacco Harvester Safety
  • Tobacco Production
  • Wage and Hour (includes Housing)

Each segment is self-contained; that is, you can “click and point” to each one individually, and watch one segment without viewing others.  Each segment typically is 5-10 minutes long, and is provided in both English and Spanish. The videos are meant to be instructional.  Each segment poses a handful of key questions prior to the training content.  The same questions are asked following the video, and the correct responses are given at that time.  Resources in the form of links are provided in case further information is required.